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What is Data Mining

Date Added: November 04, 2014 07:46:18 PM
Author: Alexander
Category: Computers and Internet: Artificial Intelligence: Data Mining

Data mining uses a relatively large amount of computing power that operates in a large data set to determine regularities and connections between data points. The algorithms that use statistical techniques, machine learning and pattern recognition are used to search large databases automatically. Data mining is also called knowledge discovery in databases (KDD).

As the term artificial intelligence, data mining is a general term that can be applied to a number of different activities. In the corporate world, the data mining is most often used to determine the direction of trends and predict the future, it is also used to build models and support systems that provide information. Data mining has a leading role in the fight against terrorism, as allegedly was used to determine the leader of the attacks of the twin towers.

Regression techniques of data mining are used to subtract irrelevant patterns, leaving only the useful information. The Bayesian term is often seen in the field, referring to a class of inference techniques that predict the likelihood of future events by combining prior probabilities and probabilities based on conditional events.

Filtering spam is definitely a form of data mining, which automatically brings messages relevant to the surface of a chaotic phishing and spam golf sea.

Decision trees are used to filter the mountains of data. In a decision tree, all data pass through an input node, where it faces a filter that separates data streams based on their characteristics. For example, data on consumer behavior is likely to be filtered based on demographic factors.

Data mining is mainly strong in fancy graphics and visualization techniques, but use them to show what you have found. It is known that can absorb more visual than verbal information and statistical format for this can be very persuasive and powerful if used in the right context.

As our civilization is increasingly saturated with data, each day there is a greater amount of information errors. Data mining will allow us to correct these errors and discover new perspectives based on past data.

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