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Party for Divorce - New Trend

Date Added: October 06, 2014 09:42:22 PM
Author: Alexander
Category: Society: Relationships: Divorce

Divorce is a painful subject and unpleasant event in the life of every human being. However, life goes on and you should find the best ways to continue with the same vitality and happiness. One better way to mark the new page in your history is a noisy divorce party with friends.

The party for divorce is new trend. It’s far better to make a party and celebrate the new stage in your life rather than sit at home complaining about your separation and unhappy situation. The event is organized like a bachelor party. You may even make a ceremony of marriage, if you have a sense of humor. The perfect party dress code for a divorce is a black dress and veil of the same color.

Where to organize your party for divorce?

It’s better to have your divorce party in a place where to avoid after party cleaning. Best suited for such occasions are the bars. The music and general atmosphere are conducive for noisy party. Talk to the manager and ask if there are decorations with which to refresh the tables and chairs. Avoid decorations in pure white and remember that this is not a wedding. Try to give more humorous look at the whole event and this will make it memorable and funny for sure.

Who to invite on your party for divorce?

Most suitable for divorce party guests are your personal friends. Try to get invite happy, positive and noisy people, and avoid those who will look with pity.

Who not to invite on your divorce party? Skip relatives and friends that you made during your marriage. This is essential if you don’t want to fall into awkward situations. You should also consider whether your guests are broad-minded. For some of them it may be strange to celebrate the crash of a marriage. Party for divorce is still a new trend at which most people will look strange, even reprehensible.

Food and drink for your divorce party

The small bite appetizers are perfect for this occasion. Similar meals look elegant and can be eat quickly. Most suitable drinks for party for divorce are the cocktails. Their bright colors are proven formula for a good mood. And thus your friends who do not drink alcohol can enjoy something better than juice. Necessarily acquire a bottle of champagne to open for your first toast as unmarried.

Cakes for party for divorce

The culmination of the evening - the cake. As the wedding ceremony ended with the cutting of the cake, you can do the same and at your divorce party. Confectioners are very creative and will offer different options . Put interesting figures on top - the bride pushing groom or make him something painful. Another option is to choose a cake with black fondant, which symbolizes the burial of marriage. If black humor does not bother you, the ideas are endless. Party for divorce is new trend that can make your days after the divorce better. It will give you more positive energy and vital power to continue your life. Remember, the life doesn’t end and you have to conquer many new upcoming problems and tasks.

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