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Looking into the Several Sides of Toros

Date Added: April 15, 2015 03:43:51 PM
Author: Alex Brown
Category: Arts
Toros, as he's more popularly called, in his own words unites the real and imaginary world into his artworks. Any person who has seen and noted much of Torosijn Vagarshak's oils would say that these indicate profound inner thought and an expression that's individually his own. He confesses to being inspired by the Vanguard technique of painting and is possibly also experimenting with abstract as well as expressionism. A gaze at any of the highly stylish and lovely of Toros canvases, one observes almost no flavor of feminine or gentleness in them, yet there is no insensitivity or manifestation of shock to his oils too. Grippingly, he uses expressions of humor in his paintings to convey feelings that are often more mysterious and profound than they seem on the picture.

Toros uses shades to his gain in his oils. In fact, sometimes they are symbolic of the thought or the feeling that he loves to convey. Intense affects are mostly illustrated by stronger colors which essentially also suggest the maestro's mood swings. Note must be made of various very exceptional pictures such as-"Two Clowns" and "Masquerade" both of which reveal the enormous artistic sensibilities of the artist. His fascination with the clowns leaves us with awe if the artist attempts to tell us more than what is apparent in our eyes through these subjects. Similar to all of his contemporaries, Torosijn Vagarshak is a little random in his choice of subject matter; in fact his continuum is as wide as his use of shades. Just as one feels ecstatic and excited at his varied use of colors, so does his choice of characters not only amazes but also surprises us. He utilized a range of themese that skirts on the modern to those of the traditional, particularly exciting is his choice of subjects that also include children, clowns, and an abundance of other individuals from various sections.

So whether it's a party or images of clowns that he's dealing with, the painter produces a solid statement anywhere. The canvases of Vagarshak Torosijn show bold and distinct brush strokes; he tries to make sense out of chaos. An initial glimpse at his paintings gives the impression of a messy piece, it is only when one tries to look at the bigger picture within the inner framework that the seemingly complicated themes and the restrained picture illustration within is evident. The creator also shines in his interpretation of emotions, the subjects in his masterpieces seem to express the message of the whole painting whether comical or depressed, angry or upset within their imagery. One gets the impression that Toros is a man of distinct thoughts and a mind that runs chaos like his selection of hues. His preference in varied mediums as well as contrasting subjects break the routine often associated with series canvases; as a result, every oil stands out in an in individual artistry.

Yet another noticeable aspect about Torosijn Vagarshak is the different shades he includes in his pictures in terms of themes. While many of his oils have the appearance of cheery revelry in them, a second glance depicts another side of the story, in a master play of multi dimensionality, he uses the foundation as a cheerful theme while the expressions are made to convey emotions that are intense and that show other tendencies. We may assume that Torosijn Vagarshak stands out as an artist of considerable competence with fine art that both thrill as well as urge the spectator to contemplate.
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