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How to make money on eBay with little or no money to invest

Date Added: October 24, 2014 02:44:11 PM
Author: Alexander
Category: Business: E-Commerce: Marketplaces

If you take a look on eBay, you will probably notice that a large majority of sellers are businesses selling brand new items. eBay has turned largely into a place for businesses to sell items that they purchase wholesale for cheap and resell for a profit. This is not the only way to make a good living with eBay though. For many of us, it is not feasible to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory to make a profit. But that is ok, I have good news for individuals with very little or even no capital at all that still want to make decent money using eBay.

My three favorite sources for items to resell when I am on a tight budget are yard sales, swap meets, and craigslist. “Picking” for used items at the above sources can be an excellent way to make some good cash at home! The key success at this would be knowing the market. Know what is selling good on eBay before you hit the garage sales. It is very common to purchase say a book for example at a yard sale for $1. You can then take this book and list it on eBay for $12.95. After shipping and fees you can easily turn a $8 profit in what could be as little as 10 minutes work. Do this over and over again, and you could be making some serious cash within a months time.

Craigslist is great for investors that have NO MONEY whatsoever to begin investing with. If you are in this boat, visit the “Free” section on craigslist. You may have to weed through some trash, but if you look close enough, there are generally many decent items being offered for free. You can pick up a few freebies, take them home and clean them up, then list them on eBay. Best thing about this is that the return of investment is 100%. You got the item for free, so whatever it sells for, you get to keep!

These are just a few good ways to make a living on eBay with a very small investment. Dive in headfirst and with a little bit of work, you are sure to turn a good profit using these methods.

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