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Five Reasons Ebola Will Spread Only On Poorer Countries

Date Added: October 06, 2014 09:56:52 PM
Author: Alexander
Category: Health
Ebola outbreak has occurred in a number of African countries and worries that they will affect people in more developed countries could be wildly overblown. It’s true that Ebola is dangerous and the virus spreads through bodily fluids. However, we could immediately see that it is far less likely that Ebola will spread so easily in more developed countries. Here are reasons why developing and poor countries are more vulnerable:
  1. They have poor or non-existent sewage systems: Open sewage is common in many African cities. It means that people could get Ebola virus through feces on open sewer. In more developed countries, the public sewage system treats contaminated water. On the other hand, many cities in Africa have problems with leaking, clogged and stuffy sewage lines. Oozing bodily fluid and feces not only make the population vulnerable to Ebola, but also other diseases.
  2. They don’t always collect dead bodies: Dead people are still infectious and some people are actually left to rot in Monrovia after they are infected with Ebola. Some body bags also float in a public lake and other bodies are abandoned on streets. Families don’t want to release bodies of their families, because they want to perform “proper” burials. This situation certainly leads to higher degree of outbreak among the population.
  3. They still believe in witchcraft: There are actually groups of people in Africa who think that witchcraft is real and Ebola isn’t real. As a result, some people refuse to go to health centers to get proper treatments. People who already have symptoms of Ebola are often resistant to modern treatments and they tend to choose traditional methods.
  4. They don’t always go to hospitals: Many people in Africa are still distrustful of modern medical techniques and they don’t seek proper treatments when they are feeling unwell. In fact, some of them openly refused medical aids when visited by health workers. People with Ebola who don’t stay in isolation units are more likely to die and pass on the virus to healthy family members.
  5. Some people are bad enough that they try to infect others: Local population in Liberia has reported that some criminals attempted to contaminate wells used by thousands of people in the area by dropping liquid substance.

Even if Ebola reaches developed countries, risk of outbreak should be reasonably low. Ebola doesn’t transmit to healthy people easily and at the moment, malaria and other infectious diseases are still far deadlier.

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